6th-12th Grade

Teacher:  Mr. Heath Taws

Join us Sunday mornings and laugh with us, pray with us, and learn with us! Our Sunday school class is for middle and high school (guys and gals). We usually go chapter by chapter through a book of the Bible, or, we discuss an important theological topic for a couple of weeks. Currently, we are working through the book of Romans.


Our youth currently meets every other Wednesday night at various members houses from 5-6pm. If you have any questions about youth/or youth group location, please email Heath Taws at


We are actively working to repair our damaged building. The Wednesday night family meal is postponed until further notice.

Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday morning worship is a traditional worship service starting at 10:30am.  There will be a time of prayer, singing of hymns, reading from God's Word, anthems from the chancel choir, and a sermon by Rev. Ron Brown. Our fun nursery staff and volunteers are available take care of all children from six-weeks to 4  years old during the service. While we work to rebuild out facilities, we are currently meeting at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at 2700 Lisenby Avenue,


Chairman of Christian Education - Mr. Larry White

Prior to our Sunday morning worship, we offer a wide variety of Sunday School classes to attend for all ages and interests. All Sunday School classes are held in the Seventh Day Adventist Church side classrooms where we are currently meeting for worship. Classes start at 9:15am and are finished before morning worship begins. 

Closer Walk Class

Teacher: Dr. Sue Harrell

The Closer Walk Class has a rich history as the longest-established Sunday School class at First Presbyterian Church. The class studies various books of the Bible, with a current study focused on Paul's Epistle to the Romans. We take a chapter by chapter approach to each book, with an eye toward application of scriptural truths to our lives. Although the lesson is presented by the teacher, members share their insights and questions about the text to enrich the depth of our learning.

Chapel Class

Teacher: Matt Teplicek

This class is currently studying the Gospel according to John.  John's Gospel distinguished itself by its thorough discussion topics and by embedding it's teaching material into conversations.  It's approach allows for detailed exposition of doctrines and concepts, and also allows for practical application to the readers life.

Adult Quarterly Class

Teacher: Robert Croft

The current class is studying Matthew through the winter and summer under the guidance of Dr. Ian Duguid’s ARP “The Quarterly Reformed Curriculum’'.  Objective is to get the Sunday School members involved in the class by their reading of Scripture (which they do now) and through discussion about the Scripture and the explanations by Dr. Duguid and other commentators (The Expository Bible commentaries from William’s Barclay’s “The Daily Study Bible Series” and Dr. RC Sproul’s “St Andrews Expositional Commentary”) Also the discussion is on how we should understand the impact of God’s Word on our lives today as Christians. 

Children and Youth Sunday School Classes

Children's Classes use the Show Me Jesus material from Great Commission Publications. From Genesis to Revelation, God's Covenants are the thread that ties the Bible together. Show Me Jesus builds on that truth to teach the consistent faithfulness of God. All of Scripture is the unfolding story of salvation and Jesus is its focus. Students learn how Jesus, revealed throughout the Bible, came to seek and save the lost.


Teachers: Susan Brown and Parmy Cobb

Our preschool and younger elementary children will begin learning what it means to love and obey Jesus, and what it means to serve God and others. They will find out that it is Jesus who calls us to belong to him and who leads us into service. In addition to the Bible lesson, there is a time of singing, crafts, and prayer.

1st-5th Grade

Teachers: Luke and Jenna Swanson

During the Summer quarter, the older elementary children will learn about Trusting God.

To trust and praise God for the gift of eternal life in Jesus; to look forward to being with Jesus forever; to thank God for his care and provision for us now and forever. In addition to the Bible lesson, there is a time of scripture memory, crafts, and prayer.